Most companies assume that custom mezzanines will cost them more than pre-fabricated ones. Therefore, they do what they can to make a pre-fabricated unit work. But, for some warehouses, pre-fabricated or off-the-shelf models just will do not do – and they can make your space chunkier and less organized. Sometimes a space needs a custom unit – whether it is because they are working around poles, machinery, etc. If you need a custom order, do not risk the efficiency and safety of your facility with a pre-fabricated unit; instead, realize the costs and value in a custom mezzanine.

Don’t They Cost More?

Custom mezzanines do not always cost more than pre-fabricated. Instead, you are just paying for the supplies and materials used to create the unit. So, it could cost less than a pre-fabricated one – especially if you are not ordering something as big.

Cost Versus Value

As a business, you want to put money toward something that will benefit your company. We looking at the value versus the cost for custom mezzanines, a custom unit may offer your company more value for each dollar you spend. These units are made to suit your space, which means maximum efficiency. They can also have customized features, safety gates, rails and even colors to make them unique to your company – something a prefabricated unit may not be able to offer.

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