Even if you just passed your recent fire inspection, your warehouse could be at risk for a fire. No matter what you are storing in your facility, fire code compliance is very serious. Not only will exceeding fire code standards protect your business and reduce liabilities, but it can keep you from encountering any severe fines in the future.

Tips for Meeting Safety and Fire Codes

  • Have a fire sprinkler system installed and have it maintained regularly. Make sure if you add a mezzanine or any equipment platforms that your sprinkler systems can reach them too.
  • Don’t have any items stored within 18 inches of the sprinkler head. Anything higher could deflect necessary water flow.
  • Have enough space between pallet racks for crew and employees to maneuver as well as fire officials if a fire does break out.
  • Don’t leave items cluttered in corners and make sure all trash is moved to the proper receptacle.
  • Store hazardous materials in a locked, fire safe cabinet.
  • Post “no smoking” signs throughout your facility, on equipment platforms and in break rooms. To encourage employees to smoke outside and away from flammable materials, create a smoking-approved area on your property.
  • Check local fire codes regularly to make sure you are in compliance. Because these codes change frequently, you could easily be in compliance one week and not the other.

Use a Reputable Supplier for Your Racks and Equipment Platforms

The manufacturer of your pallet racks and equipment platforms matters. MSS Houston can help design, construct and install reliable storage solutions that are in compliance with all county and state fire codes. Call us today for a no obligation consultation.