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Safety Gates Perfect for Your Steel Mezzanine

When you design a steel mezzanine, you have a lot of options to pick out. But, one of the most important is that of the safety gate. This gate protects your employees and ensures that they can safely move pallet racks, containers and other loads onto the mezzanine without risk of fall.

While looking at safety gate options, you will have a few different types to choose from:

  • Actuated Spring Loaded Gates – These help push the pallet load forward with a forklift at the mezzanine’s height. Then the spring loaded bars close around the sides of it, preventing access to the mezzanines edge.
  • Pivot Safety Gates for Loading and Unloading Points – These help pallet racks enter into the loading platform, then the guard rail lowers after exiting. The opposite side is then available for the forklift. This protects workers from below by preventing pallet racks from falling down.
  • Overhead Roller Safety Gates – As the outer gate is opened, the inner gate is locked. Then this works vice-versa on the other way. It makes it safer for loading and unloading operations.
  • Tri Side Safety Gates – As the edge gate is opened, the inside floor gate closes to create a three-sided enclosure. Once the load is placed and moved away, the inside gate is then opened for access.

If you are installing a steel mezzanine in your warehouse, do not discount the potential of a safety gate. With so many types and options to choose from, contact MSS Houston for tips on picking the perfect one to keep your load and your employees as safe as possible.

Do You Know Where the Most Useless Space is in Your Facility?

Next time you look around your warehouse wondering what space you are not utilizing enough, do not look around – look up. There are plenty of opportunities to store your products vertically, but you must first identify the unused space within your warehouse to find the perfect warehouse storage systems to fill that open space.

The Most Unused Spaces in Warehouses

There are numerous unused spaces, but the most commonly overlooked ones include:

  • Above the dock doors
  • Vertical space above the main floor
  • Pallet rack potential

If you have piles of pallets on the floor of your warehouse without an official pallet rack system in place, you are wasting potential storage space. By ordering a pallet rack system, you can stack your pallets vertically in even rows – while still having access to those via a forklift. Also, when you build storage racks above dock doors, you now have a storage spot for unused pallet racks – which gets them off the floor and keeps them organized.

When it comes to vertical space, consider installing a mezzanine. A mezzanine offers a second, temporary floor that can be built to suit your existing space, but also be taken down and moved with your business.

For more space saving tips or to get started on custom warehouse storage system for your facility, contact the team at MSS Houston today.

The Benefits of Mezzanines in the Distribution Center

Mezzanines are more than just elevated platforms – they are opportunities for endless savings within your business. With all of the space that goes to waste in your distribution center right now, mezzanine manufacturers can harness that unused space and help you save on costs – while expanding your operations.

There are a variety of ways a mezzanine can help your business. You can use them for raised offices, packing areas, dispatch areas, storage, extra office space and so much more.

A structural mezzanine could double your company’s storage capacity and as long as the load limits are correct, you could store even pallets up there with ease.

There are numerous reasons why companies are turning to mezzanine manufacturers to help them save money, including:

  • Mezzanines are 100 percent customizable. You can make them to suit your building space, pick the colors and even the floors and safety features.
  • They help optimize your warehouse budget – by offering you more cost-effective space solutions than relocating or building an addition storage facility.
  • They are versatile in the distribution industry and can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • They are simple, yet still one of the most efficient ways to increase storage space and require very little maintenance.

If you are in need of more space or you just need to increase the efficiency of your distribution center, now is the time to contact a mezzanine manufacturer at MSS Houston. We offer no obligation quotes and can help you find the perfect mezzanine for your application.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Warehouse Operations

MSS Houston has been creating warehouse storage solutions and offering businesses a way to save on their warehouse operational costs for years. We know warehousing. If you want to save money on your operations, you may feel overwhelmed at all of the options. But, saving money on your warehouse is not that difficult – and sometimes it just takes minor changes to get it down.

So, if you are ready to save money and cut back on operational costs, it is time to look at these money-saving tips.

Reduce the Errors Inside

One of the best ways to reduce costs is reducing errors. That means keeping better records, and making an effort to avoid documented errors in the future. Once you know the cause of those errors, such as computer glitches or poor storage, you can fix them.

Optimize Your Space with Warehouse Storage Solutions

The more efficient the space within your warehouse is, the better operations will go. Even though this requires an upfront investment, most companies report a higher rate of return just by organizing from within their facility. From pallet racks to adding structural mezzanines, there are plenty of ways to boost storage efficiency. 

Save on Energy Costs

A lot of warehouses and distribution centers are notorious for wasting energy. If you can look for ways to preserve energy within your warehouse, you could dramatically reduce operational costs. Consider upgrading appliances to more energy-efficient models or even adding more natural light so that you can reduce your electric bills.

Create a Continual Improvement Plan

Improvement plans are a warehouse owner’s best friend. By creating an improvement plan, you can constantly monitor areas of waste, process controls and improve where you see errors still occurring.

If you are ready to reduce operational costs, contact the team at MSS Houston today for a consultation. We can help you reduce costs and create a more efficiently-operating warehouse in just one phone call.

Space-Saving Tips for Racking Systems

Racking systems are inherently space savers, but there are sometimes even your pallet racks and other rack systems take up too much space. There are ways you can reduce how much space your rack system takes up as well as increase their capacity so you don’t have to add more racks in the future.

  • Narrow down the aisles. Sometimes having too much space between pallet racks is unnecessary. While you need a safe distance for forklifts to maneuver, it is not necessary to have overly wide aisles. Sometimes narrowing even by a few inches on each side will add up significantly by the time you get to the end of the rows.
  • Use double-deep racks. This does require a special type of pallet rack and a forklift, but using them allows you to double the storage capacity out of a single pallet rack.
  • Use Drive-In pallet racks. Drive-in pallet racks can further increase your storage capacity. These specialized units allow your forklifts to drive into the racks to place and retrieve pallets.
  • Build a mezzanine. If you are out of space on the floor and you have tried everything already, then you may benefit from a mezzanine. A mezzanine adds a second or even third floor in your facility while still utilizing the HVAC and fire sprinklers systems you already have. You can use the mezzanine space for offices, light storage or even employee areas so that you can free up additional space on the ground floor for operations.

MSS Houston can help you find the right racking systems and storage solutions for your warehouse so that you can maximize space. If you find your space is too tight, contact our experts today.

Do You Need a PE Seal on Your Industrial Mezzanine Project?

When designing a mezzanine for your warehouse or distribution center, you may get PE seals from the company designing and manufacturing them. But, if you are not familiar with the PE seal or you are wondering why you have to pay for it, here are a few facts. 

What are PE Seals?

PE Seals are Professional Engineer seals. These are stamps placed on the drawings and calculations for your industrial mezzanine that certify a state-registered engineer has made the drawings or reviewed them for accuracies.

You will need calculations along with your drawings. These are what check the mezzanine’s structural components to ensure it has an adequate load limit.

Do You Need a PE Seal?

Most of the time a PE seal is necessary, which is why most companies just offer them as standard practice. You may need one if:

  • You need building permits for your industrial mezzanine
  • You need to certify that a professional reviewed the structure
  • Your municipality requires that an engineer review the drawings and calculations
  • You may want them for your own records

MSS Houston offers PE seals with our drawings for industrial mezzanines. All of our mezzanines are created and reviewed by registered engineers so that you get maximum accuracy and safety.

The Excellent Benefits of Pallet Rack Systems

In warehouses, efficiency is king. A warehouse needs to constantly find ways to be faster, safer and simpler. For businesses just starting out, it is hard to understand the benefits of pallet rack systems. But, for businesses that are running low on space, the benefits are nothing short of excellent.

Excellent Use of Space

Shelving and pallet rack systems are not the same thing. A pallet rack offers maximum vertical storage capacity to increase your space on the floor – while shelving still takes up a considerable amount of room.

Pallet racks are meant for height and volume. They let you store faster and retrieve quicker – all while storing items on their pallets.

Excellent Safety

Pallet rack systems that are designed and installed by professionals are safe. They will meet all OSHA and other regulatory safety requirements and are reinforced to handle the load.

Excellent Compliance

Any time you add something to your warehouse, compliance must be in the forefront of your mind. You have permits you will need to get for a pallet rack, which means you need a company that can create and install a rack that follows the guidelines of your permits.

Also, you may need a unit that can withstand seismic activity and take on the impact of a forklift.

If you are looking for pallet rack systems for your warehouse, contact the team at MSS Houston today.  These systems are the most efficient and cost-effective way to increase your storage capacity.

Everything You Need to Know About Mezzanines in Houston

Structural mezzanines, made from steel, are a combination of roof supports, columns, main beams, decks, stairs and handrails. All of these are strategically put together to help your facility save space -and potentially increase your bottom line.

Why Install a Mezzanine?

There are plenty of benefits for using a structural mezzanine in your warehouse. First, the installation process only takes a few weeks – which is much less time than it would take to construct a second wing or even move your business.

Second, the cost of a mezzanine is significantly less than relocation. And, because it is a capital purchase equipment, it may even help your business at tax time.

Where Can You Install Mezzanines in Houston?

Mezzanines can be used for multiple applications and in various industries. Some of the main uses include:

  • Retail – A mezzanine floor in a retail location can provide store owners with more showroom, inventory or even administrative office space.
  • Storage and Production – Mezzanine floors are often used for second floors so that companies have places to store and produce their products. They can also be used as break rooms or offices – freeing up more space below for production.
  • Offices – More warehouses and distributors are creating mezzanines in Houston for their offices. This is faster to construct and less costly than a full remodel.

Looking for Mezzanines in Houston? Contact MSS Houston Today If you need a mezzanine for your operation, contact the team at MSS Houston today. We offer competitive pricing and expert engineers to help design the perfect mezzanine for your space.

Tips for Saving Money in the Warehouse

Every warehouse looks for ways to save money. But, when you look for places to cut costs, you need to also consider what costs won’t increase your company’s liabilities. If you are looking to save some money, you may find yourself overwhelmed and unsure where to start first. This guide will help you pinpoint the common areas most warehouse lose money – and hopefully, show you how to fix it.

Stop Errors

Errors are the biggest reason a warehouse loses money. From not having your records in order to improper inventory organization, etc. – it takes just one error to completely destroy your warehouse’s profitability factor. If you are noticing the same errors keep happening month after month, it is time to consider where you can make a change.

Start Optimizing Space

Using the space you have in the most efficient way can increase your bottom line. Adding a warehouse mezzanine, for example, can increase your storage or office space without requiring you to build or move to a bigger place. It can also reduce operational costs, because you are paying the same amount in utilities for the warehouse mezzanine as you are without it.

Start a Continuous Improvement Plan

Some warehouses do not have the cash flow to make all of their changes at once. To help save money, you can implement a continuous improvement plan. This will list what changes need to be made to increase efficiency, how much they cost and it can be organized by importance. This will help you prioritize improvements and slowly increase efficiency over time.

If you need help getting more out of your space or want additional money-saving ideas, contact the team at MSS Houston today. From warehouse mezzanines to pallet racks to storage solutions, we can help you save money and improve efficiency across the board.

Should You Use an Epoxy Powder for Your Warehouse Storage Systems Coating?

Steel products are often coated with epoxy powder paint. Doing so provides exceptional durability and allows companies to still have an attractive looking warehouse storage system in their facility. But, if you are not sure whether or not epoxy powder coating is right for you, you may want to familiarize yourself with the product itself.

What is Epoxy Powder Coating?

This specialized type of coating helps protect materials – especially carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and zinc.

Benefits of Using Epoxy Powder Coating

There are a few reasons to consider a powder coat instead of regular paint. Warehouse storage systems do take quite the beating over the year and wear and tear on traditional paint could result in a poor looking storage unit. Powder coating offers a few benefits that paint cannot, including:

  • Protection from temperature changes
  • Durability against forces and impacts
  • Limited corrosion risks
  • Particle abrasion protection
  • Longer shelf life

Get the Most Out of Your Warehouse Storage Systems by Calling MSS Houston Today If you are ready for a warehouse storage system that will hold up for years, contact the team at MSS Houston today. We will help design something that optimizes the most of your space and helps your business operate as efficient as possible.