Cantilever racks are designed to hold long and bulky objects that will not fit in traditional racking systems. But, did you know that there are accessories you can add to make it even more efficient? If you are custom designing a new rack system for your warehouse, do not forget to consider some of these popular accessories.

  • Bolt On Arm Lips – This will keep your products on the cantilever rack. They are removable and can extend – but keep in mind they are not meant to be load bearing.
  • Bold On Pipe Sockets – These are attached at the end of the arms and secure cylindrical products in place.
  • Drop In Supports – These add a decking to the shelves of your cantilever rack to prevent any objects from falling through and help create an equal distribution of the load.
  • Roof Supports – If you are going to store products outside in the elements, consider roof supports to block off rain, excessive sun, etc.
  • Steel Decking – This is for storing those shorter items that just cannot fit over the arms of your cantilever rack.

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