The economy may be improving, but that does not mean there are not businesses out there barely scraping by. If your company needs to improve organization and storage, you may be considering warehouse storage solutions. While there is a plethora of used pallet racks for sale, you may want to think twice about actually using them. Sure, they offer you exceptional value, but as with anything, there is a price for that cheaper upfront cost.

Before you purchase your used solution, consider some of the following:

  • Building Codes and Requirements Change – Building codes are not fixed – in fact, they almost change annually. When you purchase a used storage solution, you do not know how many code changes there has been in the interim – or if the unit even meets today’s requirements.
  • Seismic Issues – New warehouse storage solutions take the seismic calculations into account when they are designed. Older or used units may not have been constructed with any seismic requirements in mind – such as a unit constructed for Florida versus one in California. Therefore, you could be purchasing a pallet rack or storage system that does not even meet seismic calculation requirements.
  • Newer is Better – Unfortunately, it is true that a newer unit will have better construction. As the technology advances, there are newer methods for creating warehouse storage systems – and ensuring they can handle today’s pallet load.

If you are considering a used warehouse storage system, contact the team at MSS Houston today. We can show you just how cost-effective a new system can be.