When considering a warehouse mezzanine, you need to not only consider how it will give you extra space, but whether or not your facility can handle the weight of that extra floor. The load of your mezzanine is supported by the concrete slab underneath it; therefore, you will need to make sure it has the load capacity to handle a mezzanine and everything you pile on top of it.

If you are not sure whether or not your facility can handle a warehouse mezzanine, contact a professional. The team at MSS Houston can analyze the structural capacity of your existing warehouse and determine the size and load limits of your next mezzanine.

Some things that will be considered during the analysis include:

  • Overall structural loads
  • The use of your warehouse mezzanine
  • Obstructions that may hinder development
  • Heavy load points and maximum capacity of those load points
  • Local building regulations
  • Any applicable seismic issues for your warehouse location
  • Overhead space available

The team of engineers at MSS Houston has over 20 years of experience in warehouse mezzanine construction. We can help you find the right storage solution for your facility based on the load, seismic and local building code regulations. Find out more about our services or contact us today for a free estimate.