If you are in the market for a custom mezzanine, you may notice that not all providers are AISC certified in custom fabrication. But, do these certifications really matter? In short, yes, very much.

Being certified as a fabricator gives customers peace of mind when ordering from a supplier. To qualify for AISC certification, a company must be up to date on the latest ASTM specifications, research and complete all certification training and inspection requirements. Also, for the right certification, a company must have a structural steel fabrication shop that meets safety standards and quality standards alike.

One Certification Isn’t Enough

While some companies will get just one certification for custom fabrication and call it good, there are companies out there that go above and beyond – and certify as many ways as possible. MSS Houston, for example, is AISC and Houston certified, which means our company has taken it a step further to prove our worth to our clients.

If you need custom fabrication for your catwalk, pallet rack or mezzanine system, contact the team at MSS Houston today. With our certifications and 20 years of experience, we can help you find the right product to suit your warehouse needs. Call now for a free estimate.