Equipment platforms are used to elevate equipment and machinery and are also used for maintenance.  Material Storage Systems, Inc. fabricates customized equipment and maintenance platforms for all types of industries and for many different applications.

  • Boilers
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Pumping Equipment
  • Conveyor Support
  • Pipeline Crossovers
  • Railroad Industry
  • Fire Stations
  • Generators

In addition, many companies require our design and engineering services for heavy point loads on a specific piece of machinery or equipment.  Material Storage Systems, can “beef” up certain portions of the elevated platform to meet a certain point load or vibration requirements.

Material Storage Systems offers all types of specialized coatings that may be required.  From powder coating to wet applications we have you covered.  We also provide hot dipped galvanizing services.

Equipment platforms come in all sizes and shapes and have multiple uses.  No equipment platform is ever the same.  Height requirements from 2ft top of deck to 25ft+ top of deck can be accommodated.  Long spans required from 20ft+ clear span can be fabricated.  Certain areas of an equipment platform may need to be fabricated to meet load requirements.  Our standard structures are 125psf but 250+psf can also be designed and engineered.

Our engineering department can work with existing layouts and incorporate the platform using BIM into your design to ensure a perfect fit.  The modeling software we use gives each piece its own number that stays with that piece throughout the entire design and fabrication process. This ensures all pieces are accounted for and minimizes errors in fabrication, delivery, and installation.

If changes need to be made after fabrication has begun, the software keeps track of the changes and updates all drawings associated with those changes.

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