Racking Systems refers to a broad array of storage systems used to store product (raw material, in process goods, or finished products) in a warehouse. The characteristics of the material being stored is a factor in determining which racking system is the best fit.

Material Storage Systems (MSS) considers the product characteristics as well as other factors such as available warehouse space and height, product flow, and warehouse equipment being used to determine the type of racking system that will be most efficient and cost effective for your individual needs. The first step is to listen to you so we have a good understanding of your unique situation, then to propose the solution that we think is best based on our expertise and experience, and finally to work with you to modify the system based on what will and will not work based on your particular set of requirements.

Products are stored based on their size and how they need to be selected. Products are stored as:

  • Individual components (such as small parts
  • Boxed goods containing multiple units
  • Palletized loads containing boxes or bags

How the product is stored helps determine the type of racking system used. For example, small parts are often stored on shelving units, boxed goods lend themselves to shelving or bulk storage rack, and palletized loads are stored in pallet rack systems. The following are some of the common racking systems:

  • Shelving (with solid metal shelves or wire shelves, often used in conjunction with parts bins for small parts
  • Bulk Storage Rack (with wood, solid metal, or wire decking)
  • Cantilever Rack (for tubular products such as pipe or large flat pieces such as plywood, which are not easily palletized
  • Pallet Rack
    • Selective
    • Drive-in
    • Push Back
    • Pallet Flow

MSS  takes into consideration the product being stored, how the product needs to be stored, the racking systems available, and the customer’s unique situation  to determine the most efficient (in terms of utilization and cost) for your application.

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