Uses Of Catwalk Systems

Catwalks are walkways or aisles that allow personnel to pull merchandise from all types rack and shelving.  Catwalks are also used for viewing operations and are often referred to as viewing platforms or maintenance catwalks.
Material Storage Systems, Inc. is an AISC certified fabricator as well as a City of Houston Fabricator that specializes in catwalks, platforms and mezzanines.  Catwalk applications are very specialized and are used in all types of industries such as, record storage, food and beverage, aerodynamics, chemical plants, gymnasiums and distribution centers. 
The pictures below show some great examples of how catwalk systems are used.

  1. Maintenance catwalk for a beverage company used to prevent jamming on their conveyor lines.
  2. High density record storage system that allows complete utilization of their vertical space. As shown, lights can be attached under each walkway to provide adequate lighting for pulling records.
  3. Viewing platform for a gymnasium.  The platform is for the general public and therefore must have handrail that nothing larger than a 4” sphere can fit through.
  4. Conveyor platform used to support for overhead conveyors as well as providing maintenance workers easy access.
  5. Equipment platform for a pumping mechanism is safely housed above and provides access for maintenance.

Catwalk Systems Design & Engineering

All of the systems we design and engineer are built around your existing structures.  Material storage conforms to your specific application needs.

Catwalk Systems Used As Viewing Platforms Catwalk Systems For Warehouse Storage Catwalk Systems For Elevated Platforms Catwalk Systems For Equipment Platforms

Catwalk Systems For Industrial Use

Catwalk systems require an experienced company that is familiar with local building codes, slab restrictions and building limitations.  Material Storage Systems, Inc. provides complete “turn-key” services.  We can provide consultation, design, engineering and installation.  All of our installers have extensive training and experience to install all of the products we fabricate.  Please call us at 800-881-6750 to speak to one of our sales staff.  We look forward to hearing from you!