Material Storage Systems Inc.: Project Standards

Material Storage Systems, Inc. fabricates custom mezzanines for the military, food and beverage industry, oil & gas companies, small businesses with warehouse space, colleges, distribution centers, personal garages, and all types of manufacturing facilities.  Material Storage Systems works with architects, engineers, general contractors and individuals to custom fabricate structures to the exact specification required.
Custom  Mezzanines –Structured  &  Professionally  Engineered  Drawing  By  Material Storage Systems Inc. In Houston
Material Storage Systems, Inc. is an AISC certified fabricator and a City of Houston certified fabricator that has been providing quality custom mezzanines made exactly to the requested specification since 1993. 
Your mezzanine/platform requirement will have a project engineer from start to finish with 24/7 accessibility to any of our staff.  We offer full installation services in all the states and in some foreign countries.  We provide engineered stamped drawings for all the states and will be more than happy to schedule a site visit prior, during and after installation.  Below is a summary of our standards.

  • We use Industry Standard 3D Modeling Technology to ensure a robust and complete design.
  • Multiple model checking measures are used to ensure proper fit and minimize error's before any physical production begins.
  • Every structure undergoes seismic analysis for the location of the final product.
  • Modeled in RISA-3D® to ensure correct member sizes and withstand local seismic activity.
  • All members are designed using the L/360 design criteria to ensure reliable serviceability.
  • All structures will be reviewed by a registered Professional Engineer of your state to ensure all applicable codes and requirements are met.

Custom projects often require large spans, heavy equipment considerations, movement from testing products on the structure, and height.  Material Storage Systems can accommodate unusually high structures, very long spans as well as any movement considerations.  We also can design customized reinforcements to accommodate extra heavy machinery or equipment.  We can customize stairs, ladders, cross-overs, gates, and flooring.

Our company prides itself on having complete control over our product.  We do not outsource any part of our fabrication process including powder coating.  We encourage visits to our shop to show you around, meet our great employees, see us in action and feel confident that using Material Storage Systems to fabricate your custom project will be the right choice.  Please contact us at 800-881-6750 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We look forward to working with you!