Customized Elevated Platforms

Material Storage Systems, Inc. fabricates elevated platforms for industrial warehouses, distribution centers, garages, and storeroom settings.  An elevated platform is another name for a mezzanine.  Although the terms platform and mezzanine are used interchangeably, a platform is typically used for maintenance and a mezzanine is used for storage. 

Elevated platforms can be customized to meet any specification.  Long spans, unusual or multiple heights, custom coatings, stairways, gates, and floors.  The most popular use of an elevated platform is for equipment and conveyor support.  (Platforms do not have to meet the same requirements as a mezzanine for the simple reason that platforms don’t typically have people on them and therefore are not required to abide by the same codes as a mezzanine)  An excellent example is a company that has conveyor overhead, the conveyor is substantially lighter than conventional storage and won’t have people on it so the psf rating can be reduced which in turn reduces the cost of the material. 

Elevated Platforms : Functions & Framework

Custom elevated platform manufacturer

Elevated Platforms create additional space by moving certain parts of the operation up.  Lights can be installed and attached directly to the supporting “I” beams.  Sprinkler heads can be installed directly to the structure as well.  Solid decking can be installed if necessary to eliminate anything from falling below.  Some companies use netting on the sides of the conveyor to catch anything that may be a hazard below.    

This rendering shows the framework for a conveyor support system in a beverage company.  Underneath the system the company will use it for packaging, shipping, offices, and lunch/break room.     This type of platform is much more cost effective than a mezzanine.  The cost saving factors for the platform are:  no handrail required, no stairs required, no flooring required, and, less then 125 psf capacity.

Material Storage Systems, Inc. can design and engineer your elevated platform or mezzanine.  Please contact our sales department at 800-881-6750 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .