Cantilever Racking Systems Types: Rolled & Structural System

Industrial Cantilever Racking Systems To Store Bulky Oil Tools & Lumber Items.

Cantilever racking systems are used to store materials that are not easily stored in a pallet storage system because of the product length. Items such as pipe, tubing, oil tools, and lumber are typical products that are stored in cantilever rack. Rather than being stacked on a pallet and then stored in a racking system, these products are stored directly on the cantilever rack.  Material Storage Systems, Inc. offers roll formed, structural and custom cantilever solutions.
Some Industries that use cantilever racking are lumber companies, oilfield tool companies, furniture and steel tubing companies and the cardboard industry.

Cantilever Racking Systems: Components

A cantilever racking system consists of:

  • Vertical uprights
  • Bases to support the uprights
  • Horizontal arms
  • Brace sets connecting two (2) or more uprights

Vertical uprights, or columns, are available in various heights and capacities. The uprights used depend on the weight of the material to be stored, the lift equipment used to handle the material, and the customer preference of how high they feel comfortable storing and handling the material.
The base used to support the upright is either single-sided (material stored on one side only, usually against a wall) or double-sided (material stored on both sides of the rack). Double sided cantilever rack is more cost efficient since you are essentially doubling your storage capacity using just one upright.
Arms are connected to the upright at various heights and are utilized to hold the material. Product is stored across two (2) or more arms. Arms are available in various lengths (12” to 60”) and capacities. The horizontal arms are either inclined (for lighter loads of tubular products) or straight (heavier loads and flat material such as lumber). When tubular material is being stored, an end stop is used to prevent material from rolling off the end of the arms.
Brace sets are used to connect two (2) or more uprights together in a row.

Cantilever Racking Systems: Design & Configuration

The design or configuration of a cantilever racking system is dependent on several factors:

  • The type of material being stored (flat or tubular) is considered in deciding what type of arm to use and whether or not an end stop is needed.
  • The weight of the product is a deciding factor in the capacity of the arms and uprights used.
  • The diameter of tubular product or the depth of the flat product help determine the length of the arms.
  • The length of the material being stored in conjunction with the weight needed per storage level is a deciding factor in how many arms are needed to support each level. This dictates the number of uprights needed as well as the number of braces between uprights.

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