• Buddy
  • Francis
  • This mattress is too hard!
    This mattress is too hard!
  • Training Session
    Training Session
  • Buddy acting as mother to a new stray
    Buddy acting as mother to a new stray
  • Lamb & Hoss
    Lamb & Hoss
  • Yes, I will carry the water
    Yes, I will carry the water
  • Just another day at the beach
    Just another day at the beach
  • Lamb
  • Chica
  • Hi, my name is Pippi, I was found wandering the streets, aren't I cute?
    Hi, my name is Pippi, I was found wandering the streets, aren't I cute?
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It was a typical Saturday, running my weekly errands, when out of the corner of my eye; I caught a glimpse of a small animal crouched in the grass. I took a deep breath, sighed and turned the car around to investigate. Once I got closer, I realized that what I had seen was a dog. Not just any dog, but a dog that had no hair, was covered in sores and every bone in its body was visible. The sad reality was the fact that the street I was driving on, was a busy street and I was the only one to stop. Surely, there were other passers-by who also saw the little guy throughout the day, I mean how in the world could you miss it? This was the moment that I knew this pup was to become my new Buddy. This is how my mission to help street dogs began.

What started out as a personal mission is now Material Storage Systems main company charity. Material Storage Systems is a pet friendly environment that allows dogs in the workplace. All of our Buddies that have been fostered by MSS were found wandering the streets.

What does Find A Buddy Animal Rescue do for the animals it rescues?

All rescued dogs are provided shelter, medical care & food in a safe and loving environment. All rescues see a veterinarian for a complete examination, heartworm test and to receive his or her vaccinations. All of the dogs are spayed or neutered. If a rescue requires extended treatments or surgeries, MSS covers all of the expenses.

After our Buddies are healthy we start incorporating basic training. Most street dogs are not trained. For a Buddy to transition into a new family successfully, we believe good manners, house breaking, kennel training & exercise are the winning combination & oh, I almost left out, lots of love too!

The little bald puppy that started my mission now enters middle age with a loving family. Buddy #1 has a shiny coat, a wagging tail and boundless energy.

For more information on adopting a Buddy from our program call or email us at 281-446-7144 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.