Pallet racking systems refer to a variety of pallet storage rack systems used to store and retrieve pallets of material. These systems are designed based on the individual needs of the client and variables such as the existing warehouse conditions and the existing or proposed lift equipment. Racking systems design also depends on the storage density required, how active the storage and retrieval process is, and whether the stock has to be rotated (first in, first out). Material Storage Systems listens to the client's needs and based on our 30+ years' experience, we will recommend the most effective pallet racking system.

Effective Pallet Racking Systems For StoragePallet Racking Systems By MSS Inc.

Types Of Pallet Racking Systems

The simplest and most common type of pallet racking system is Selective Rack. A selective rack system consists of rows of rack (either single rows on the perimeter of the system or back to back rows in the center of a system) where pallets are stored one deep and several beam levels high (depending on the height of the pallet and the height of the rack). In between these rows of rack are aisles used by the forklift operators to store and retrieve pallets. The width of the aisles are dependent on the equipment being used. For example a standard "sit down" forklift requires a minimum aisle of 12 feet. This is also the least dense type of rack systems. The density (or storage capacity) of selective rack can be increased by installing a Double Deep system where two rows areinstalled back to back, but accessed from one side using a specialized piece of equipment.

The storage capacity of a pallet racking system can be greatly increased by going to a Drive-In Rack system. As the name implies, in this type system the forklift operator drives into the rack to store and retrieve pallets. The pallets are supported by structural steel angles connected to uprights on the right and left side. Pallets are stored multiple pallets deep and high, so with just one aisle, from 2 to 12 pallet faces can be accessed rather than the one accessible in a selective rack system. As you might imagine, this is slower system in terms of storage and retrieval because care is required when driving into a system so as not to damage the uprights. However, under the right circumstances, such as having pallets of identical material, Drive-In Rack can greatly increase your storage capacity.

Another type of pallet racking system which gives you much higher density, or storage capacity, is PalletFlow Rack. In this pallet racking system, the pallets flow from the back of the system where the pallets are loaded to the front of the system where the pallets are retrieved. This is accomplished by having flow rails that are higher in the back of the system and lower in the front. Gravity causes the pallets to flow forward. This system is ideal when a FIFO inventory system is needed to rotate stock.

Material Storage Systems will work with you to design the pallet racking system which best suits your needs.

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