Material Storage Systems, Inc. offers pipe rack that can be customized for any application. Pipe Rack is used in the warehouse and outside the warehouse to store pipe and other tubular products, usually ranging from 5 ft. to 40 ft. in lengths and various diameter and pipe types. This rack is painted, powder coated, or galvanized (outdoor applications). Other add-ons, such as UHMW for stainless products or rubber to keep material from being scratched, are also available.

Variations In Pipe Racks

One type of rack used to store pipe is cantilever rack which have arms which cantilever out from a vertical support. These cantilever arms are used to hold the pipe. Usually there is an end stop to prevent the pipe from rolling off of the arms. Cantilever rack is single-sided where the pipe is stored only on one side and double-sided where the rack is stored on both sides.

Pipe Racks & Double Sided Pipe Racks For Steel Products Storage

One type of double-sided pipe rack is designed in a Christmas tree fashion where the arms are shorter as you move from the base creating a pyramid or Christmas tree effect. Cantilever can be a nut & bolt design where the base, upright column, arms, and brace sets are shipped individually and assembled in the field. There is also an all-welded design which is double sided, shorter, and with a higher capacity used to store larger pipes. These racks are used in sets of two or more depending on the weight to be supported. This type rack is sometime used in conjunction with an overhead crane so that pipe can be rolled to the end of the arm and then raised vertical with the crane.

Another type of pipe rack that is sometimes used in conjunction with an overhead crane is cradle rack. Cradle rack is a "U" shaped rack that sits on the ground and is used in sets of two or more cradles. Since the weight is supported by the ground or floor and the vertical portion of the "U" are only supporting the lateral load, these racks are often used with larger, heavier pipes.

With any of these pipe racks the design criteria questions are:

Pipe Racks System For Industrial Product Storage
  • How heavy is the pipe?
  • How long is the pipe?
  • What is the diameter of the pipe?
  • How rigid is the pipe?
  • How high to I want to store this rack?
  • What type of lift equipment is being used (forklift or overhead crane)?
  • Is the pipe being stored inside or out?
  • Do I need to make accommodations to keep the pipe from touching the rack directly (stainless) or to keep the pipe from being scratched by the rack?

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