Pipe racks is a general term forĀ  a variety of different styles of rack used to store pipe, tubing, and finished tubular products such as oil tools used in oil field drilling operations. Material Storage Systems, Inc. offers pipe racks are used both inside warehouses and outside in “pipe yards”. When used outside, pipe racks are often galvanized.

Type Of Pipe Racks System : Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is one type of pipe rack. It consists of (4) components:

  • Vertical columns that support the arms where the product is stored. They are either single or double-sided
  • Horizontal bases that support the columns and are usually anchored to the slab
  • Horizontal armsthat are fastened to the columns and support the load. These often haveĀ  a “lip” or end stop to prevent the pipe from rolling off the end of the arm
  • Brace setswhich connect two or more columns together

Cantilever racks are configured in a row of columns connected by brace sets so that 2/3 of the load is resting on the arms and the remaining 1/3 extends on either side of the out most columns (1/6 of the load on each end). The number of columns used in a row depends on the length of the pipe and the weight of the pipe (the longer and heavier the pipe, the more columns needed).

Christmas Tree racks are another style of pipe rack. Christmas tree racks are double-sided with a base and upright column. There are 2-3 sets of arms on either side of the upright column. Each set of arms is shorter than the base or arms below creating a pyramidal or "Christmas tree" design. These racks are often used in conjunction with an overhead crane so that the pipe can be moved to the end of the arm and raised straight up. These racks are used in sets of two or more depending on the weight of the pipe. Christmas tree racks are an all welded design.

Cradle Racksare "U-shaped" racks, usually 4-5 ft. wide x 4-6 ft. high that sit on a slab or pipe yard. They are used in sets of two or more depending on the weight and lengths of pipe. Oftentimes, bases only are used in the middle between the outer cradles to support the pipe without the expense of a full cradle. Cradle racks can be manufactured with UHMW material on surface areas when used to store stainless pipe. These racks are an all welded design.

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