Material Storage Systems, Inc. is located in Humble, Texas just outside of Houston.  We are a mezzanine manufacturer that specializes in structural steel mezzanines.  Material Storage Systems has been doing business in Houston, Texas since 1993.  We are an AISC certified fabricator as well as a City of Houston Certified Fabricator.  We will manufacture your mezzanine to your specification or ours.

Material Storage Systems, Inc. prides itself on having complete control of our product.  We have the highest standards in quality that a fabricator can have. We offer full engineering and design services for all the 50 states. We manufacture mezzanines for companies located outside the U.S. as well.

Material Storage offers consulting services and engineered stamped drawings required for permitting.  We can offer assistance with code requirements, sprinkler and fire issues.

We offer installation services in all 50 states and in some foreign countries. Our installers are very experienced and trained to erect our products.

We offer VRC lifts (vertical reciprocating conveyor) that can handle any load.  From 500# - 10,000# plus. Platform sizes range from 2ft x 2ft to 10ft x 10ft and can be customized to fit whatever application you may have. MSS offers powder coating, hot dipped galvanizing and specialized wet coating spec’s that may be required.

Material Storage Systems offers pre-construction or leasing consultations.  We have full engineering and design capabilities to meet your every need.  MSS will work with you to develop a master plan for your warehouse.

Material Storage Systems will take your project from start to finish with minimal interruption to your business.  We work around your operations and schedule. Please call us today to speak with our sales or engineering department.  800-881-6750 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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