What is a mezzanine system?  A mezzanine system is an elevated platform that is incorporated into an existing warehouse or is designed along with other storage systems for a new warehouse.

Material Storage Systems, Inc. will come to your facility, provide a site visit, collaborate and evaluate your operation to determine what system or systems will work best for what the customer is trying to accomplish. 

Our customers are assigned a project engineer that will work directly with you from start to finish.  We will design your entire material handling storage requirements from start to finish, to provide a full “turn-key” solution.  We can also assist with high piled permit issues, mezzanine and platform permitting, and fire/sprinkler issues.

A customer may have multiple types of materials that need to be incorporated into a mezzanine warehouse system.  From storing pallets to small boxes to awkward or long materials to extra heavy materials, Material Storage Systems, Inc. can design, layout and install your entire system.

Most operations require several types of storage solutions to achieve an optimal and economical solution.  A common scenario is a mezzanine system with small parts storage and pallets underneath and offices or bulk storage upstairs.  Sometimes secured storage is required and can be accommodated under or on top of the mezzanine in locked cabinet or wire partitioning.  Pallet racking can be incorporated into the warehouse for additional pallet storage.  MSS can also provide plastic bins, plastic pallets, flow shelving and racking, drive-in racking, cantilever racking wire shelving, and Stanley Vidmar cabinets.

Please call us to schedule a site visit or to talk to one of our sales people about your steel mezzanine requirement.  We can be reached Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm central time or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We look forward to hearing from you!