A properly designed warehouse racking system saves you money by: 

  • Reducing labor costs in the stocking and selecting of goods
  • Reducing damaged goods by storing them in the type racking designed for that product
  • Postponing the need to expand or move by maximizing the storing efficiency of your current space

In order to create an efficient and cost effective warehouse layout, several factors need to be considered: 

  • The size, weight, and type of goods to be stored
  • The type of lift equipment you own or plan to purchase
  • Your existing warehouse space, taking into consideration such factors and the placement of dock doors, the ceiling height, staging space needed, and a logical product flow.

With our Design and Consult service, Material Storage Systems will work with you to determine the best design and layoutfor your current or proposed warehouse space. We can also advise you before you decide to lease or build a warehouse.

Depending on your products that need to be stored, there are a variety of rack types that can be used: